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ENGAGEMENT through voice, chat, facial recognition and interactive touch
TRANSFORMATION via Voice, AI, Machine Learning, Mobile and Web
INTELLIGENCE to improve purchase intent, customer service and brand experience



Engage with your customers through:

Voice | Chatbots
Facial recognition

We deliver innovative and engaging brand experiences which provide new revenue streams, reduced costs, great value for customers and brand owners and engaging brand experiences.

Illustration: Building a Voice Assistant

Map out the required  spoken “intents” and information sources for your business and services to be provided in your local language. Decide which content links and information you want your audience to be able to access. Our AI voice solution creates and manages your intents and automatically generates alternative ways of asking across multiple languages using our proprietary AI  solution.

Deliver the voice solution via the web and / or via a mobile app. Monitor and analyse service requests and fulfilment and improve customer experience. 

Upgrade your call centre to a contact centre with automated rich, granular support and content.

Voice Assistants can be built for retail, hospitality, live events, exhibitions, healthcare, financial services and Government information services, to name a few.



Transformative media: Voice and Chat, Interactive AI mirrors, mobile devices, beacon and wireless technologies, touch screens, kiosks, LED walls and digital signage. We support our products on the cloud with a powerful content management system that handles multiple content types to multiple devices with live and on demand scheduling. Permission options allow you to edit and update campaigns and brand messaging from anywhere.



Data and customer intelligence to improve purchase intent and brand experience. Capture customer data on the back end for all products to support customer profiling and targeting. Understand behaviour and tweak campaigns to improve purchase intention and sales uplift.




Voice Assistants


Mobile Devices

Digital Signage

Intelligent Mirrors

Video Walls | LEDs

Touch Screens

Beacon Technologies



We work with some of the world’s most powerful and influential brands who are looking for innovative media solutions in physical locations to deliver brand engagement and brand experiences that result in sales uplift and customer satisfaction.


Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Develop reward and behaviour-based activities to promote opt-in for targeted customers. Prioritise engagement and brand experience through targeted, relevant and rewarding brand interactions. Use data capture to store and analyse data for actionable insights.  We...

NRAD – Emergency Warning System

NRAD – Emergency Warning System

Smoothweb was tasked to work with NRAD to develop an ultra fast solution to relay news and content in the event of a national emergency in Japan. The successful pilot scheme demonstrated the capability to relay news feeds and video information to a relay of dispersed...